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Writer’s Block: Vanquishing Creative Constipation


Think about making the deciding to work on your craft, being super excited, putting pen to paper and coming up with nothing. That is probably every writer’s biggest fear and fact is, it could happen to any of us! Let’s vanquish the evils of writer’s block and come up with a few solutions to the problem.


Writer’s block is the cease of creative flow, it is the inability of a writer to produce new ideas or come up with a new direction. Sometimes, a block may be caused by routines, dwindling passion, distractions and even exhaustion. Though it is one of the most frustrating creative slowdowns, writer’s block does not render you useless. There are numerous ways to combat this artistic paralysis.


Let’s explore some options:


  1. Sometimes writer's block is due to a lack of inspiration which leads to the loss of desire to write. Use everything around you as inspiration.
  2. Try personalizing your storyline. Write about an important event in your life and play around with possible outcomes. This may build the hit you’ve been looking for.
  3. Jot your incomplete ideas down daily so that you never start a writing session with a blank page.
  4. Throw perfectionism out the door. If you are obsessing over being perfect, you will never complete what you’ve started.
  5. Try writing in a different order. If you have always written your choruses first and moved on the verses, attempt completing verses then moving on to your hook or chorus.
  6. Eliminate your distractions. If you’re having a hard time focusing on putting your thoughts together, try turning your devices off and getting into a quiet space.


Writer’s block is not a unique problem. Even though this is true, every writer’s style and approach is unique which may make combating a block different for each one. Try different steps, maybe even combine a few to figure out what works for you.


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