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Why Music Industry Leaders Aren't Listening to Your Music


Why Music Industry Leaders Aren't Listening to Your Music

In-demand producers and managers are usually super busy people. They are responsible for developing and making creative content for artists and groups (note: plural!) and ensuring that their careers are running smoothly. Because of that, working long hours and weekends is par for the course. 

So now imagine that after a super hectic day, they finally get to relax, then… *ping* “Hi. Here’s my new mixtape. Check it out and let me know what u think.”

That’s not even the worst part. They realize they received 50+ DMs/emails just like that one that same day!

What would you do in that situation? Well, most industry peeps actually just ignore those messages. 

For one, it's because they're already extremely busy with a million other responsibilities. And two, they often think, “What’s in it for me?”. 

So here are two key things to consider when trying to get an industry professional to review your music. 

Your Approach 

One thing most people hate is bad manners. When reaching out to someone especially to do business, you have to be professional. Starting off with “Yo, bro” telling them to check out your music is a sure way to get your message deleted, or worse get yourself BLOCKED. What you need to aim for first, is a conversation. Instead, try saying “Hi” or “Hello” followed by their name, if you know it, then telling them that you've admired their work and it would be a huge privilege to have them critique your music. This better be true, or else why are you even reaching out to this person??

Basically, you need to be respectful but show in your tone that you're serious. It shows hunger, drive, passion, and industry leaders will likely admire that approach. 

An Incentive 

Generally, people are more receptive to you if they see that you're looking to do business and not looking for a free handout. As we said earlier, the major players in the music business work extremely hard and they've invested a lot of time and money to get where they are. Now we can’t guarantee that offering an incentive will work, but it is a sure way to get someone to at least consider your request. Time is money after all, so if they’re gonna give you their time, you gotta give them money. Just like with your approach, being willing to pay for their feedback proves just how much you are dedicated to growing your career as an artist. 

Have money ready.  

Even if you think that making it big in the music business should be like winning the lotto, remember that in order to win the lotto, you have to buy a ticket. 

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