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How to Make the Most of your Studio Time


Whether you are an independent artist footing your own bill, or you’re backed by a label, studio time does not come cheap. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get the most out of your studio time. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you along the way.  

1.    Print your lyrics. 
This one is often overlooked, but it makes a huge difference. Having your lyrics printed frees your mind of the task of remembering what you (or your songwriter) wrote. Print with a large font size so it’s easy for you to read from a foot or two away. No need to try to get it all on one sheet of paper. You can also substitute with a typed up version on a tablet if you have one. 

2.    Take Breaks 
Now, you might be wondering how will taking a break help you get the most out of your studio time? The truth is, if you feel like you’ve been stuck in the same spot on the track for a long time, then it’s best to give yourself a break to clear your head. Go drink some water, take a little walk and refresh your mind, so when you step back into the booth, you’re ready to dominate. 

3.    Communicate with your team
Miscommunication is one of the easiest ways to derail a studio session. Sit down with your team and discuss the overall direction of the project and what you expect the finished product to be – Ensure that everyone is on the same page early in the game!

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