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How Far Are You Willing To Go For Your Music Career? This is What Russ Did


How Far Are You Willing To Go For Your Music Career? This is What Russ Did

Atlanta-based rapper, Russ, is probably one of the most hated artists in the industry. 


Aside from his strong stance against the promotion of drug abuse in music (a common theme for most rap songs), he exudes a level of confidence, and sometimes arrogance that, while most find distasteful, stems from years of dedication and persistence to his craft. This gave him the leverage to accept and decline deals as he chooses. But how did persistence and leverage allow Russ to become one of the most successful rap artists before he even signed a record deal? And why should you care? Well, he noticed something earlier on in his career that even the biggest new rappers today overlook, costing them millions and a lot of missed opportunities! 

As an upcoming artist, it’s expected that the drive and hope to “make it” is the biggest priority. Young artists will do almost anything to get recognized by a major label and get a recording deal! Because of this, they think that if they don’t get this sweet deal, they’re a failure and can’t make it in the industry. Russ didn’t take this perspective. 

Since 2012, he recorded and released not one, not two, but eleven albums all before he was signed. To put this into perspective, Kanye West, one of the biggest rappers in the industry has only released 9 studio albums in his whole career. By the eleventh album, Russ only had about 1000 Twitter followers. None of the albums made him blow up; none of them gave him more followers/fans, none charted on Billboard or iTunes. But, he knew that nothing was separating his talent from that of the likes of Kanye and he was going to achieve his dreams on his terms. 

Russ emphasized that before he ever signed on any dotted lines, what was more important to him was believing in himself and his craft and persevering amid all the criticism. This ability to pursue a career with a level of confidence and persistence despite all his shortcomings deserves to be applauded. 

Of course, all this hard work paid off. He eventually signed to Columbia Records and his 12th studio album “There’s Really A Wolf” debuted at number 7 on the US Billboard 200 charts and has since been certified platinum! The difference between Russ and other upcoming artists was that when he signed, it was on his terms. All his years of persistence put him in a position to walk away if the deal didn’t suit his needs. He stayed with Columbia for a few years and in 2020 he fulfilled his contract with the record label and opted out of renewal. 

What does all this mean for you as an artist?

Well, you have to sit yourself down and ask yourself how much do you really want a music career. Would you be willing to do 11 albums before you get signed? Do you have the persistence and perseverance to continue even when the odds are stacked against you? Russ’s journey isn’t a blueprint for making it in the music industry, but if it teaches you anything, let it be that success won’t come overnight and that persistence will take you a far way. 

So, how far are you truly willing to go for your career? 


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