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Being Cheap Will Cost You


Finding the cheapest way to complete a project can end up being expensive.

Wait. What? How does that make sense?

Let’s analyse it together. 

Firstly, Why Are We Having This Conversation?

In the music industry, there is always some project in the works. Projects can include anything from music production to things on the business side like promotion/marketing. It’s no secret that these projects can cost a lot of coin. It may seem even more challenging for upcoming and independent artists because they don’t have the means to manage it all. Or it could be that although they have the money to spend, they choose to be conservative where there’s an opportunity to save. 

I mean, who doesn’t like to save money? We sure do! Let’s face it, although money is made from paper it does not grow from trees!

While that may be a good idea in theory, what many artists fail to understand is that to be successful, money is not the only factor to be considered. There’s another critical element that is vital to consider. What is it?

How Does It Cost More to Do Something Cheaply?

Think about this. On the one hand, a graphic designer may offer a much cheaper rate to design your album art than another designer. As one would expect, you may be tempted to choose the more affordable designer.  

Having a  friend or family member who has dabbled around on Photoshop fulfil your graphic design needs might even prove to be more cost-effective, but what are you giving up? 


Have you ever heard the saying, “What you put in is what you get out.” or maybe “What you pay for is what you get”? How true those statements are! They both emphasise that the quality of input determines the quality of output. 

Depending on how much you spend, the designs’ quality might not be best, reflecting poorly on your image and career as an artist. Brand identity is crucial, especially for an upcoming artist, as it will affect how your audience will receive you and your music.  Chances are, you’ll end up spending more money, in the long run, to rectify the issue and create new designs had it been done well the first time.  People with talent and years of experience will charge a premium price for their services because they understand their value. You should too. Understand that professionals are professionals for a reason, and their quality of work will, more often than not, result in an excellent execution of your vision. 

Does Cheap Always Mean Low Quality?

Well, no. And more expensive doesn’t always mean better either. 

 A cheaper price tag could simply mean competitiveness. 

If the company can keep its cost of operations low, it may offer a high-quality product at a lower price to its customers.

Final Words 

In any case, price and quality are connected but choosing quality over cost will almost always result in the best choice. While it may be easier to go with an option that seems to save you money, the lack of expertise that gets put into the project could end up costing you way more than you bargained for. Don’t get distracted by price!


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