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Is a Beatmaker the Same as A Producer?


It's common for people to use the terms “beat maker” and “music producer” interchangeably. But are they really the same?

The short answer is no.

The beat maker simply makes the beats and sells them whether online or otherwise. A producer though is more involved in what happens after that sale.

Still confused?

Keep reading to clarify this mix up!
We think of beat makers like modern-day classical composers (but with computers of course, duh). A beatmaker is the programmer of a full piece of music meaning they arrange the instruments like the drum, guitar, keyboards, persuasion to create a beat. We would say that a beatmaker is not a producer for the simple reason that they don't work with the artist in any way to help with the song that will be written and recorded to the beat. 
A producer on the other hand is like a director for a movie. They decide on the direction of the project and ensure that it gets to where it needs to be. Producers typically work with artists on almost all the steps involved as they not only oversee recording sessions and provide technical guidance, but they assist in selecting songs, songwriting and arrangement. It's their job to put everything together to bring the artist's (or sometimes their) vision to life. 
Even though there’s a distinct difference between the music producer and beatmaker, they both play an instrumental role in the process of song making. 
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