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3 Things Every Artist Should Know About Copyright


Copyright law is one of the most important things a singer/songwriter should know - it is the foundation of your music career. Without it, anyone could do as they please with your music, and your career would be nothing but a hobby.

Here are 3 things every artist should know about copyright:

1) How to copyright your songs:

The creator of a song automatically receives copyright the moment the song has been recorded or transcribed on paper with chords, melody and lyrics.

2) How to protect your copyright:

As mentioned above, copyright is automatic from the moment there is a record of the creation. However, it is best that songwriters and artists take the necessary steps to ensure they have evidence that the work was created at a particular time. For example, you can send yourself a copy of your creation by delivery post - the date will be indicated by the stamp.

Another way to ensure your copyright is protected is to register it with a national intellectual property office, like JIPO in Jamaica.

3) Your rights as a copyright owner:

As a copyright owner, you have exclusive rights to do (and to authorize others to do) the following:

  • Copy the music
  • Issue, lend or rent copies to the public
  • Communicate the music to the public, for example broadcasting it via TV, radio or internet.

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