August 2020 | Jamplified Records

August 2020

Releasing Your Music


Whether you are days or weeks away from releasing your next single you need to ensure that you’ve taken these 3 steps to prepare.

Set Goals for Your Release Date

We’ve found that setting goals is always a good practice and can really go a long way for artists. When you’ve set goals such as the number of streams, video views or downloads, you can then start planning and taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals. What about surpassing your goals? Well, that's a win-win!

80% Business + 20% Music


Contrary to popular belief, the music industry is actually only 20% music and 80% business. The majority of the meaningful activity in the music business happens on the business side and not on the creative side. This means that without adequate knowledge on how to manage and market yourself, your career will likely be short-lived. Here are some business tips to help you grow your 20%.