March 2017 | Jamplified Records

March 2017

How to Get an Artist to Record Your Song


The ultimate goal for any songwriter is to get an artist to record their song - hearing the words they wrote on paper come to life is indescribable - magical! The truth however, is that many writers struggle to transition their written words from paper to the lips of an an artist. It’s not an easy task! 

3 Ways to Avoid Ruining your Studio Session


As an artist, when you book a recording session, you what to get the most out of your time. That being said, there are some rules (both written and unwritten) that need to be adhered to to ensure you have a smooth and productive session. 

Don’t arrive late to your studio session
Not only is tardiness unprofessional, but it’s also a waste of time and money for all parties involved. You know what they say, “Time is money”, and when it comes to studio time, that statement is right on the money! 

No Long Talking


Disc jocks talking over the music is nothing new in Jamaican/Dancehall culture. DJs regularly do this to ‘hype up’ and further entertain the audience - whether it’s at a party, a session or on the radio waves. This practice is stemming from the Soundclash era where DJs would come together at a party and engage in a competition of who can select the best music. This gave birth to popular sound systems we know and love, such as Stone Love, Bass Odyssey, King Sturgav, Metromedia, and others. 

3 Songwriting Tips for that Next Hit!


As a songwriter, it can sometimes be difficult to put pen to paper to create that next hit. You want to write songs that will be on everyone’s tongues! However, to be successful, you have to be able to create songs that will captivate, connect with and entertain your audience. Here are some tips to get you on track to writing your next hit!

#MusicMisconceptions → “I don’t need an engineer. I can record, mix, and master my own music.”


With the emergence of home recording studios, it has become very cheap for artists and musicians to produce their own tracks from start to finish. However, is going into full DIY mode really the best choice if you want your songs to be of superior quality and radio-ready? It’s valuable for the person who is mixing or mastering your track to be someone who wasn’t a part of the recording process.